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TOP 10 Locations for Photo Shoots in Miami

Clients often ask us to name a few of the "best" locations for their photo session in Miami, so we decided to share them below:

1. Little River Studios $350 for 2 hours

2. The Secret Garden $255 for 3 hours; canoe fee $350 with flowers

3. Vizcaya $176 unlimited time, includes entrances for 5 people

4. Biltmore Hotel $350 for 2 hours

5. Virginia Key Beach, El Farito, Matheson Hammocks (FREE; pay parking fee only)

6. Wynwood (FREE; parking fee only)

7. Spanish Monastery $250 for 3 hours

8. Miami Beach (must pay the city permit fee)

9. Perez Art Museum Miami PAMM $500

10. The Cruz Building $440 for 2 hours

Most locations require advance booking, keep that in mind when planning your session. Each location's respective fees and hours included are also listed above for reference, but they are subject to change without notice. Please verify the prices and hours with the desired venue.

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